Come in to see our new Angelica bracelets, the hottest style bracelet in the country!  With 500 styles to choose from, these stackable charm bracelets let a woman show how she feels, what she believes in, and who she is. At only $25 each, you can say a lot without saying a word!

Angelica bracelets are made in the USA of recycled materials, and a portion of each sale goes to Generation Rescue, an autism support group.

Your heart, wallet and fashion sense will thank you!

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Introducing: Dizeo Jewelry!

Dizeo Jewelry combines beautiful craftsmanship with fashion-forward designs.  These sterling silver pieces are overlaid with 18k white, yellow or rose gold and feature hand-set simulated diamonds.

Look great without paying a lot!  Perfect for bridesmaids gifts, prom, work and travel.

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What Does Your Diamond SHAPE Say About You?

What Does the SHAPE of Your DIAMOND Say About You?

A.) Emerald – This diamond demands an excellent clarity grade. It is perfect for elegant, confident brides who value quality over flash.

B.) Marquis – This cut maximizes the carat weight …of the diamond, which appeals to ladies looking for a large, budget-friendly ring.

C.) Oval – Ovals boast the ability to sparkle like a round because of the same number of facets. This shape is a favorite among self-confident brides with good taste.

D.) Round – The round is the ultimate combination of a classic, versatile shape and brilliant sparkle. Perfect for traditionalists.

E.) Cushion – Shaped between a round and a princess, the cushion cut is ideal for romantic women who love vintage luxury.

F.) Radiant – Flamboyant brides will love this radiant sparkler!

G.) Princess – Favored by ladies who want something traditional with a modern appeal. Clean and chic.

H.) Asscher – This vintage-inspired cut suits a fashion-conscious bride who loves Old Hollywood glamour.

I.) Pear – A hybrid of the oval and marquis cuts, this stylish and unique shape is perfect for women not afraid to set their own style standards.

Kelly Milgie

My fiance and I went ring shopping at Bay Street Jewelers and worked with Jeanie who was wonderful! She was very helpful, friendly and patient with me as I wanted to try on just about every ring in the store. My fiance went back another day without me to pick out and purchase my ring – again he worked with Jeanie and the two of them were able to find the perfect ring! The ring they ended up picking was not on display the day we visited so it was a wonderful surprise when Brian proposed and I saw my ring for the first time! I absolutely love my ring and am so thankful for all of Bay Street Jewelers’ help!

Kelly Milgie

Kelly’s brand new engagement ring!

Debbie Brooks – Fall 2013

JUST ARRIVED!  New styles of handbags, cell phone cases, wallets and bracelets from designer Debbie Brooks.

Stop by the store to see our new display and discover all the fun new patterns in our extensive collection.

More styles to choose from in the store!

Dan and Chelsea are Engaged!

“My boyfriend got my engagement ring from here recently. It is absolutely perfect! I could not have picked out something this beautiful myself. I get so many compliments on it! … Thank yall so much for helping Dan make this day so special! … We cannot wait to get our wedding bands from here as well.” ~Chelsea

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Alwand Vahan Bracelets

Alwand Vahan bracelets at Bay Street Jewelers

Alwand Vahan bracelets are perfect day-to-night pieces! Sterling silver and 14k gold, they can be worn with anything from jeans to formal gowns. Mix and match to create the perfect stack for every occasion. Come in to our store at 902 Bay Street in Beaufort, South Carolina, to see the bracelets that celebrities can’t get enough of!

August Birthstone: Peridot

Peridot is the ideal gemstone for lovers of green, whose approachable, balanced nature is reflected in the gem’s verdant hue.  Youthful and energetic, peridot is universally flattering.

Roman’s called peridot the “evening emerald” because its brilliant color didn’t fade at night, but instead seemed to glow.  It was believed to help dreams become reality and to drive away evil spirits.

Peridot is the August birthstone and the gemstone for sixteenth anniversaries.

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