What Does Your Diamond SHAPE Say About You?

What Does the SHAPE of Your DIAMOND Say About You?

A.) Emerald – This diamond demands an excellent clarity grade. It is perfect for elegant, confident brides who value quality over flash.

B.) Marquis – This cut maximizes the carat weight …of the diamond, which appeals to ladies looking for a large, budget-friendly ring.

C.) Oval – Ovals boast the ability to sparkle like a round because of the same number of facets. This shape is a favorite among self-confident brides with good taste.

D.) Round – The round is the ultimate combination of a classic, versatile shape and brilliant sparkle. Perfect for traditionalists.

E.) Cushion – Shaped between a round and a princess, the cushion cut is ideal for romantic women who love vintage luxury.

F.) Radiant – Flamboyant brides will love this radiant sparkler!

G.) Princess – Favored by ladies who want something traditional with a modern appeal. Clean and chic.

H.) Asscher – This vintage-inspired cut suits a fashion-conscious bride who loves Old Hollywood glamour.

I.) Pear – A hybrid of the oval and marquis cuts, this stylish and unique shape is perfect for women not afraid to set their own style standards.

November Birthstone: Citrine

Citrine’s name comes from the Latin word for citrus.  Citrine combines a warm, intense color with good wearability and an affordable price — an unbeatable trifecta for many customers!

Citrine is the most popular transparent gem in the yellow-to-orange color range.  It looks beautiful on its own or in combination with diamonds, and dynamic in multi-color creations alongside gems in contrating colors such as amethyst, aquamarine, blue topaz and peridot.

Warm and cheerful, ancient cultures revered citrine as a gift from the sun, and it was once thought to protect the wearer against various evils — everything from snake bites to wicked thoughts!

This gem is available in an exceptionally wide range of sizes.  In fact, the largest transparent faceted gem on record is a citrine weighing an astounding 19,548 carats!

Citrine is the birthstone for November as well as the gift for the thirteenth anniversary.

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