January Birthstone: Garnet

When they think of garnets, most people (unless they’re USC fans) picture a brownish-red color, but the garnet family of gems encompasses a variety of rich, intense colors.  In fact, it includes every color except blue.
Matched with a very high brilliance, vast size range and extremely reasonable prices, garnet is a fabulously fashionable stone for year-round wear.  It makes a great accessory from the vivid colors of spring to understated winter styles.
Some notable types/colors in the garnet family include:
Rhodolite – raspberry pink
Demantoid/Tsavorite – verdant greens
Spessartite – orange
Mozambique – brownish-red
Garnet’s brilliance has helped it gain a legendary reputation for magically illuminating the night and dispelling dark spirits.  Noah is said to have steered the Ark by a lantern made of garnet.
Garnet is the January birthstone and the gift for the second anniversary.