Wedding Anniversary Gift List

Anniversary Gift Guide

Wedding Anniversary Gift List
1.)    Gold jewelry, Clocks and Watches
2.)    Garnets (all colors), China
3.)    Pearls, Crystal and Glass
4.)    Blue Topaz, Electrical Appliances
5.)    Sapphire (all colors), Silverware
6.)    Amethyst, Wood
7.)    Onyx, Desk Sets
8.)    Tourmaline (all colors), Linens and Laces
9.)    Lapis, Leather
10.)  Diamond Jewelry and Watches
11.)  Turquoise, Fashion Jewelry and Accessories
12.)  Jade, Pearl or Colored Gems
13.)  Citrine, Textiles or Furs
14.)  Opal, Gold Watches and Jewelry
15.)  Ruby, Watches
16.)  Peridot, Silver Holloware
17.)  Watches, Furniture
18.)   Cat’s Eye, Porcelain
19.)   Aquamarine, Bronze
20.)  Emeralds, Platinum Watches and Jewelry
21.)  Iolite
22.)  Spinel (all colors)
23.)  Imperial Topaz
24.)  Tanzanite
25.)  Silver Jubilee
30.) Pearl Jubilee, Diamond Watches and Jewelry
35.) Emerald, Jade
40.) Ruby
45.) Sapphire
50.) Golden Jubilee
55.) Alexandrite, Emerald
60.) Diamond Jubilee

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